UK Telemark Festivals Spring - Summer 2017

We'll Miss You...

Once again, this Summer will see a range of Telemark Festivals and Telemark races across the UK.

Due to work and family commitments, Tele Tracks won't be involved with the UK Telemark Festivals this summer. However, here are the event details...

Chill Factore Manchester - May 2017

Chill Factor Logo
NW Telemark Festival

Date: Saturday 20th May, 10am-5pm.
Featuring:Coaching sessions from a range of telemark instructors for all levels, limited stock of NTN kit (6 pairs) and less limited stock of 75mm equipment available to rent.
Contact: Email Manchester Cross Country Ski Club

Snow Factor Braehead Glasgow - July 2017

Snow Factor Glasgow Logo
Glasgow Telemark Festival

Date: Saturday 29th July

2014 Festival Footage

Footage from Manchester and Tamworth Telemark Festivals summer 2014.

Manchester Footage Check it out...
Tamworth FootageCheck it out...

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telemark skier in the backcountry image of
2015 Festival Promotional Video
What our Clients Say

I've had telemark lessons in the past, but this was in a different league. No more one-size fits all instruction...Paddy O'Connor

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