The Blizzard Cochise - Freeride Ski

Blizzard Cochise - Freeride Category

A Strong but Nimble Ski

Like it’s namesake, one of the most famous Apache leaders, this handsome ski looks large and has a muscular frame with two metal layers within, so it’s unlikely to go soft on you too quickly, a really important factor considering the demands of telemark skiing on your gear. I skied the Cochise in a 185 and it was, even at this length, surprisingly nimble and versatile. It looks like a Big Mountain Ski, with 108cm underfoot and a 28.5 meter turn radius, but is significantly more versatile. While perfectly happy on a big face descent (it will not go small on you) it has so much more to offer.

Loves big turns at speed but also...

The Cochise can be a charger and likes bigger turns taken at speed in the deep stuff. At the same time it is both playful and nimble and a very easy ski in tighter spots and through the trees. It has plenty of float, stability and is both fun and easy to smear. Further to this it is a proper crud buster and seems at home busting through any surface both desired and less so.

Surprising Piste Performance

Along with it’s ease in what you would expect to be its natural hunting ground it is also surprisingly grippy and stable on the piste. It is much more than just a ski that is capable of getting you back to the lift, it is genuinely fun to ski on the piste, all the more surprising given its width underfoot. It is stiff and holds an edge well.

My pick of the Freeride bunch...

This is a ski that wants a strong master and prefers long and medium radius turns, but you would probably expect this. There have been no changes to Skiing Magazine’s ‘Ski of the Year 2012’ for the forthcoming 2012/13 season and it remains my pick of the bunch from all the Freeride skis that I have tested. This is a powerful and capable ski, which is stable at speed and will handle any conditions you throw at it. It is also surprisingly forgiving and does not need to be skied aggressively all the time, something that will be even more the case in the shorter lengths. Possibly quite a heavy ski for walking but I am planning to have skins for it as it will be part of my quiver for the forthcoming season.

  • Lengths: 170,177,185 and 193cm
  • Side Cut (185cm): 135, 108, 123,
  • Weight (pair): 4.45 kg

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Reviewer Profile

tele tracks equipment reviewer Nicko Braxton image of

Name: Nicko Braxton
Age: over 21!
No of years Telemarking: 20+
Current Ski: Scott The Ski
Binding: Rottefella NTN Freeride
Boots: Scott Voodoo NTN
Occupation: Alpine and Telemark Ski Coach
Work Profile: 13 years teaching Alpine and Telemark Skiing in the French Alps.
Favourite Tele Terrain: Steep and Deep
Favourite off-piste itineraries: to talk about in the bar...
Sponsors: Scott Sports and Planks Clothing

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The Blizzard Cochise

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