BASI Telemark Preparation Courses in some of the World's Finest Telemark Terrain

Prepare for your Next Telemark Instructor Exam

Tele Tracks telemark preparation courses are delivered by oustanding telemark coaches in some of the best telemark skiing terrain you could ask for, if you've chosen telemark as your second discipline or if you're simply preparing your next telemark instructor course, you're in the right place.

Telemark Instructor Preparation

If you've ever dreamed of working as a telemark ski instructor, then join the club! BASI offer a pathway to achieve a telemark qualification which is recognised in many European and North American Ski Schools. The qualification is thorough and the pathway mirrors the ISIA level in Alpine skiing and Snowboarding. The technical and teaching aspects of each level can be demanding especially if you lack teaching and telemark experience. Our telemark instructor preparation courses aim to help you achieve your goal by delivering specific and focussed telemark coaching to improve your personal performance and understanding.

Telemark as your Second Discipline

If telemark is your second discipline then effective preparation is essential, the Level 1 telemark course can be challenging physically and technically if you're not fully prepared. Our preparation courses are designed to give you the best chance of success.

Course Features

While the primary focus will be on improving your telemark skiing and your understanding, the course will cover:

  • Personal Performance in a range of terrain.
  • Understanding of the Fundamental Elements.
  • The Central Themes (both Alpine and Telemark).
  • An overview of Teaching Styles.
  • Video Feedback to aid understanding and performance.
  • Focus on 'free-heel' parallel turns.
Video Feedback

Using video resources we'll further your understanding of telemark technique and improve your performance. We'll post all video footage on our website for you to review as a training resource.

Outstanding Telemark Terrain

Benefit from outstanding telemark terrain in the Espace Killy. We have it all whatever the weather, great teaching areas, challenging piste and off-piste skiing, trees and bumps.

Snow Sure Resorts

One of the most snow sure resorts in Europe, with the Grand Motte and Le Fornet glaciers, combined with plenty of tree lined terrain for bad weather conditions, you can rest assured that your valuable training time and budget will be maximised. It's sure to make a huge difference to your performance.

Test the Best NTN Telemark Equipment

Do you need telemark equipment? Wondering if it's worth the investment to buy NTN? We can provide you with Scott Voodoo NTN boots combined with the awesome Scott skis for your preparation course and the exam itself.

BASI Telemark Preparation Dates Winter 2023-24

Course Dates Location Coaching
BASI Prep 11-15 Dec 2023 Val d'Isere £399
15-19 Jan 2024 Val d'Isere £399
15-19 Apr 2024 Val d'Isere £399
22-26 Apr 2024 Val d'Isere £399

The Finer Details

  • BASI Telemark Preparation courses run from Monday to Friday.
  • Tele Tracks telemark courses have a maximum group size of 6 people.
  • All sessions are for a half day starting at either 9am or 1pm.
  • Half day lessons allow time for practice or to rest for the following days telemarking.
  • Tele Tracks courses can be booked as a complete package or just instruction / NTN Test only.
telemark skier in action image of

Technical Level

To join a BASI Preparation course you:

  • have fundamental all-mountain skills - sideslip, snowplough, heringbone and sidesteps.
  • strong alpine skier on black runs and comfortable in most off-piste conditions.

Fitness Level

For BASI Preparation courses, you need to be able to:

  • alpine ski for a full day.
  • are fit and active.
  • have good core strength
  • can do slow controlled lunges in the gym.

Unsure of your fitness level or want to get in shape for the course? Check our Telemark Fitness Tips for specific advice and exercises.

Still unsure? Why not try a private lesson instead? Private telemark lessons are geared specifically to your physical and technical level. Check out our Private Telemark Lessons for more details.

What our Clients Say

Tele Tracks provided a fantastic week of race training for some of the British Telemark Team, it was the perfect balance of technical and gate training with plenty of excellent video feedback... Alison Morrissey - British Telemark

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