Why Learn to Telemark with us?

Learn telemark skiing with the specialists - it’s the coaching that makes the difference...

Ever wanted to know how to telemark ski? Well, you're not alone, more and more people are eager to learn, and that's where we come in...

We are highly experienced internationally qualified coaches. We have both the qualifications and years of experience, on and off piste, in the French Alps.

Safety first.... We know the terrain so we know where it is safe to telemark ski each day. When off-piste, we carry and supply our guests with avalanche safety equipment.

Fun…. You will ski in a relaxed environment where there is continuous focus on the individual, so that you can make the lasting changes that will transform your telemark skiing.

What our Clients Think...

Coach's Ability to Improve Performance

People rating 5 out of 5 - 95%

Value for Money

People rating 5 out of 5 - 90%

Lesson Enjoyment

People rating 5 out of 5 - 100%

Learn to Telemark Ski Your Way

We understand how people learn... and we can adapt our approach to suit each individual - meaning you'll learn how to telemark ski your way!

Telemark Only is the name of the game. We don’t mix alpine and telemark in the same sessions as we find that this detracts from the focus on your telemark skiing. If you’d like alpine coaching then book any of the excellent The Development Centre coaches in Val d'Isere.

Small is Beautiful. Do you remember, years ago, standing in a long line on the nursery slopes waiting for your turn? Horrible. That’s why we limit our groups to 6 guests. It is all about making sure you get the most out of the days.

Camera shy? That’s OK, as we only carry video! So you can literally see the changes that you have made, or need to make. This will help your understanding and goal setting, accelerating your development.

By the way, Tele-Tracks coaches are based in the French Alps full time, which means we have a great understanding of the resort, the right terrain for your learning and current off-piste conditions. A much better option than using a coach who arrives in town on the same bus as you.

It’s what we do, so our cutting edge coaching philosophy and continued professional development through The Development Centre and BASI, means we are always at the forefront of current trends and developments in telemark and alpine skiing.

We love it, and so will you. We reckon that passion, commitment and a sense of fun is a pretty unbeatable combination.

What our Clients Say

The individual attention was great ..... Nicko was an excellent coach, we were all given things to focus on and given time to practice. Sian Evans

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