Private Telemark Lessons in Val d'Isere

Accelerate your Development with Individual One-to-One Telemark Coaching

If you're looking to really progress your telemark skiing then one to one coaching during a private telemark lesson is the way forward. Tele Tracks are Val d'Isere and Tignes only specialist telemark ski school.

Individualised Coaching

You'll be spoilt for attention as every run is specifically chosen to suit your technical, tactical or psychological goals, while the pace of the lesson is adapted to your physical condition. Need to stop for a coffee? Don't worry, we know all the best spots!

Make lasting Changes to your Telemark Skiing

Off-piste, on-piste, moguls or carving, whatever you'd like to work on, you'll get individual attention and feedback to make lasting changes to your telemark skiing.

Private Telemark Lessons in Val d'Isere

Val d'Isere is a telemark skiers dream and has so many awesome ski areas. Even in bad weather there's plenty of choice, skiing in the trees of Laisinant, the Foret du Fornet or even down into the Foret des Etroits into La Daille. When the visibility is good there's so much altitude sking that you're guaranteed great snow all season long whether on the Bellevarde or Solaise sector.

Availability and Booking - Val d'Isere

Private telemark lessons can be either 3 hours long or full day and we can meet in a convenient place for you. Whether in La Daille, Le Fornet or Le Rond Point des Pistes in the Joseray area of town, there are plenty of options for starting the lesson.

We're run 3 hour private telemark sessions starting at 9am or 1pm, 7 days a week, we also offer full day sessions starting at 9am. Drop us an email to check availability and we'll get back to you.

Prices - Val d'Isere

One to one coaching sessions are £239 for 3 hours and £489 for a full day. Book a private telemark lesson in Val d'Isere.

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What our Clients Say

Great insight, Nicko got straight to the point and highlighted my flaws, then he set about constructively changing them. I can now handle the deep stuff so much better! Geoff Shepherd

Private Telemark Lessons in Tignes

Tignes - a Hotbed of Telemark Skiing

Tignes is fast becoming a hot-bed of telemark skiing, whether it's the fantastic high altitude terrain on the Grand Motte glacier, the easy access off-piste of the Aiguille Percé and the Chardonnet Bowl, the great tree sking of the Bois du Fiau into Tignes les Boisses or the Bois de la Sache into Brevieres, Tignes has it all.

Availability and Booking Tignes

Private telemark lessons in Tignes are also 3 hours long, we aim to start around 9 - 9.30am and 1 - 1.30pm but start times depend on your location and weather conditions. In good weather we meet at La Toviere, the top of the Aeroski running out of Tignes le Lac.

Prices - Tignes

Private telemark coaching sessions are £239 for 3 hours and £489 for a full day. Book a private telemark lesson in Tignes.

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Telemark Fitness

Want to get in shape for your telemark private lesson? Check our Telemark Fitness Tips for specific advice and exercises.

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