Improve your Telemark Skiing

Intermediate Telemark Courses in Val d'Isere and Tignes

Get to grips with telemarking the piste

For telemark skiers who can link basic turns on easier terrain and who want to get to grips with piste skiing. You'll probably find that at this level you're making a double phased lead change, particularly on steeper terrain.

You will improve your technique including smoothing out the lead-change to enable you to turn easily and fluidy when and where you want, as a result you'll feel more at home all over the mountain. We'll aim to start carving and getting more out of your skis while progressively taking on steeper challenges. Your speed will also increase, but under control!

Avoid the intermediate rut and accelerate your progression

At this stage of your progression it's essential to develop sound technical movements to prevent the onset of bad habits that could hinder your telemarking for years to come. Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. A Tele Development course will help you to link your turns fluidly and lead change in a single phase of movement. As long as the correct technique is acquired, you'll start to telemark faster but with less leg burn and you'll be able to ski for longer.

Variety of feedback

Coaching sessions will include a high level of personal feed back on the hill and video feedback during the week.

Tele Development Course Dates Winter 2023-24

Course Dates Location Coaching
Tele Development 11-15 Dec 2023 Val d'Isere £399
15-19 Jan 2024 Val d'Isere £399
15-19 Apr 2024 Val d'Isere £399
22-26 Apr 2024 Val d'Isere £399

The Finer Details

  • Tele Development Courses start on Monday and finish on Friday.
  • Tele Tracks telemark courses have a maximum group size of 6 people.
  • All sessions are for a half day starting at either 9am or 1pm.
  • Half day lessons allow time for practice or to rest for the following days telemarking.
  • Tele Tracks courses can be booked as a complete package or just instruction / NTN Test only.
telemark skier in action image of

Technical Level

To join a Tele Development group lesson you:

  • You can link basic telemark turns on green and blue runs.
  • Are are a strong alpine skier on red runs and comfortable on black runs.
  • You Have fundamental all-mountain skills - sideslip, snowplough, heringbone and sidesteps.
  • You enjoy a challenge

Fitness Level

We adapt our coaching to different fitness levels, however for Tele Development group lessons you should be able to:

  • Alpine ski for a full day.
  • Are fit and active.
  • Have good core strength
  • Are able to do slow controlled lunges in the gym.

Unsure of your fitness level or want to get in shape for the course? Check our Telemark Fitness Tips for specific advice and exercises.

Still unsure? Why not try a private lesson instead? Private telemark lessons are geared specifically to your physical and technical level. Check out our Private Telemark Lessons for more details.

What our Clients Say

Ben is a natural instructor who puts you at ease, breaking down the elements in manageable portions, we all improved a huge amount... Mark Forman

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