Telemark Instruction with Ben Langridge

"If I wasn't a telemark instructor? God forbid!"

The first telemark skier I saw was in La Clusaz in 1988, I remember staring in disbelief at a guy skiing bumps on what seemed to be ‘cross country skis’. As a 13 year old budding alpine racer, I was utterly confused, "Why on earth?"

Little did I know how much telemark skiing would dominate my life. During my first season, at 18 years old, I caught the bug – while everyone else strapped themselves sideways to a board, I went skinny hiring old straight skis and leather lace-ups on my days off.

My University choice was influenced not by campus facilities or job prospects but by a year out in Grenoble, where I grabbed every opportunity to free the heel in tiny backward ski resorts overlooking the city.

With a degree in French and Business under my belt, the lure of the Alps was strong and I’ve spent every winter there since 1999. I started my ski coaching career in the French system working with the ESF in Alpe d’Huez. However, a change of direction took me into the British BASI system and Val d'Isere.

I’ve since fallen in love with the Espace Killy, it simply has it all, fantastic piste skiing, awesome off-piste, a great lift system, stunning mountains and a beautiful town. On my days off you’ll find me exploring the off-piste, sipping coffee in a Scandinavian bar or getting beasted in the bumps on a pair of slightly fatter 'cross-country' skis...why on earth?

I have the highest BASI qualification (ISTD) with full equivalence and have been teaching Telemark and Alpine skiing in France since 2003.

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What our Clients Say

I have attended courses on many subjects but have never come across such an enthusiastic and skilled trainer as Ben. Skilled in his subject and as a communicator. Paddy Norman

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