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Thanks for a tremendous weeks coaching... I learned more in that week than in the previous 10 years. You have learned how to teach telemark in a very effective way and you showed considerable patience. Donald Barrie - Jan 2019

The most revolutionary telemark lesson I've ever had... in 15 years of learning... Tom Latham

I had thought that some of the testimonials on your website were a bit over the top… but I was very pleased to find your teaching style was definitely as good as all your former students had claimed !! Mark O'Reilly - Dec 2018

I have an eye for detail and can often be quite critical but I thought Ben’s approach was spot on and an exemplar of 'positive encouragement’, I hope to see you both again another year! Chris - Feb 2018

Ben did a great Job and I made some significant progress, please thank him for his efforts! He reckons next year I’ll be back on the pole with him on one side and you on the other! John Shanks - Feb 2018

Being meritocratic about it please keep the refund as a tip. I appreciated the awareness and quality of instruction. Matt - Feb 2018

Just a quick note to thank you for your instruction in PLV. I have been taught by various coaches and instructors and I can quite honestly say none of them were as clear and knowledgeable as you. James Burnett

It really was an outstanding week and I felt that my skiing improved dramatically. I will be back next year so see you then... Matt - Dec 2017

I've had telemark lessons in the past but this was in a different league. No more one-size fits all instruction. I immediately felt the difference in my control and have enjoyed my ski time much more. Paddy O'Connor

I have attended courses on many subjects but have never come across such an enthusiastic and skilled trainer as Ben. Skilled in his subject and as a communicator. Many thanks for a fantastic week. Paddy Norman

Nicko, your enthusiasm, dedication and energy paid real dividends, and I am really grateful. You’ve re-inspired my Telemarking. Andy Calame

Thank you both very much for the fantastic time last week. The teaching and skiing was superb and I am sure brought my tele competence up a notch or two. Time spent on and off skis with the bunch of like-minded people was a bonus and made the experience all the more enjoyable. Steve Jones

It was great that the group was small and Ben could give us plenty of individual attention. I liked the way Ben broke down the basic tele turn into individual elements so that you could consciously focus on the necessary parts and then eventually bring them all together. I came away a better telemarker and with a much better understanding of technique. Hamish Farmer

A great few days giving me plenty to think about. I was very impressed with Ben's coaching, he had a great eye for breaking down faults, explaining them clearly and giving effective tools to fix them. First class stuff. John Rigby-Jones

Nicko - a quick note to say very many thanks for the last week; I felt that my skiing has come a long way in a very short period of time. Nothing is better than being taught correct technique! Matt S

Ben is a superb instructor who kept his ear to the ground and found us some great off-piste runs. His breakdown of skills into drills are excellent. Greg Ponting

Nicko gave excellent progressive development adapted to individual pace - many thanks. Alex

With Ben as my tele ski instructor, my free heel skiing improved beyond anything I could have ever hoped. Bumps, steeps, couloirs are no longer daunting. And to boot, he's a top bloke. Jake Farrugia

Just over a week has passed, but the memories of a great week are lingering strong. Thank you for a truly great week; the most constructive course of coaching I’ve ever had – still dreaming of speeding up my impulse! They say you learn to skate in the summer, so here’s to implementing it next season. Phil Grove

I just want to say that the off piste course has definitely paid off this week when I was skiing in St Anton, loads more confident on the steeps and better technique in off-piste! Richie Smith

A big thanks to you both for a great course. The course totally exceeded my expectations, you guys have something special to offer, have an excellent set-up in Val and as far as I am concerned do not need to change anything. I will certainly be hoping to do a course in 2015. Zane Kerse

The changes you made to my skiing have made me feel so much more confident and powerful. It’s hard work; but so worthwhile. I love the fact that it all makes sense too! Alison Sedden

Tele Tracks really pushed the boat out, feedback from everyone was 100%, we can't wait to come again! Alison Morrissey - British Telemark

Sessions were great, Nicko found some powder even though there was meant to be none... Jamie Constable

Thank you for an unforgettable experience and please pass on my personal thanks to Ben who was patient, an excellent teacher, and totally professional. Zane Kerse

Hotel La Galise was a very good choice; well run and a fresh modern feel to it, very helpful management, telemarkers’ breakfasts and centrally located. Phillip Clive

Ben was brilliant; really nice guy and blended our group superbly. Anthony Ashford

Ben and Nicko, I just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant course last week. Excellent tuition and a really great and friendly delivery. I'll be back for another one, though in the interests of marital harmony, I may have to skip a year! Dave Jury

The snow was fantastic – right place, right time. So important at this time of year. Your local knowledge and built in compass certainly paid off. Alison Seddon

The individual attention was great ..... Nicko was an excellent coach, we were all given things to focus on and given time to practice. Sian Evans

What impressed me most was the level of instruction that was given, Ben is a natural instructor who puts you at ease, breaking down the elements in manageable portions, the sessions were fun and we all improved a huge amount. If you want to learn Telemarking or improve your technique then look no further. Mark Foreman

I was amazed at how far I was able to progress in such a short period, and that was in Alpine as well as the Telemark! I particularly appreciated the way you were able to break down my skiing and focus on correcting/adjusting one part at a time with appropriate 'exercises'. It made it much easier to understand what I was doing wrong and to and do something about it. Kristen

Cath and I both really enjoyed the course and feel we made good solid progress with our telemark skiing. I think Catherine has got the bug as she’s been practising her telemark position. I can’t think of anything to say to improve the course further... John Shanks

Great course guys! Have definitely gained confidence with the off-piste and will definitely be looking at skiing with you guys again... Richie Smith

I enjoyed the enthusiasm of both Ben and Nicko, the best part, however, was the individual feedback which diagnosed my personal skiing deficiencies and gave me very clear things to work on and change. The video review was very useful and made it clear in my mind what I was doing badly and gave me a clear visual image of what I should be doing. Malcolm

Had an awesome time on the Tele Tracks Virgins course this week. Ben and Nicko were both top notch and I can't wait to telemark with you in Val d'Isere again. Nick

Many thanks for the fantastic coaching at the weekend - it was a real pleasure to try telemarking and I thought it was great. I also wanted to say what a good teacher you are, and how much I felt we all learned in what was obviously a pretty tight session. Rory Gilbert

Simply fantastic telemark instruction, Nicko achieved the right balance of information, show and practice and was sensitive to the different needs of the group. Ian and Celia Abbott

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