Telemark Ski Lesson Options to Suit you

Helping you to Telemark Ski

We're all about helping you to telemark ski, we have a range of telemark skiing lesson formats to help you get the most from your free heel skiing.

Private Telemark Lessons

Geared specifically to your needs and pitched at exactly your level, private telemark lessons will accelerate your telemarking. If you want to make significant changes in a short period of time, this is the lesson format for you. Whether you choose to take a Tele Tracks coach alone or share us with some friends, we have the experience, knowldege, equipment and skills to show you a great time while taking your free heel skiing to the next level. Find out more..... Private Telemark Lessons

Group Telemark Lessons

We don't believe in 'groups', we run clinics. What's the difference? Clinics have a maximum class size of six, it allows the telemark instruction to be focussed and individualised. When we're off-piste we travel safely and professionally, and we also get more freshies!

Our clinics are a great way to meet like minded telemark skiers and ski in a fun sociable environment. While at the same time you'll get effective, specific instruction and feedback to make lasting understanding and changes to your skiing.

We run telemark clinics throughout the winter in Tignes and Val d'Isere which level are you? or open your diary and check our course dates and prices.

Early Season Telemark Lessons

Get your season off to a great telemark start with our special early season telemark package

Tele Tracks, in association with Scott Sports, are proud to offer some early season telemark courses in November on the Grand Motte Glacier in Tignes. We provide the latest top of the range Scott NTN boots, NTN bindings, Scott skis and poles to enable you to travel light and pop over for a short stay intensive telemark season warm up. If you've always wanted to learn but didn't want to detract from your main family holiday, or you've got a few holiday days to use up before Christmas, or if you're keen to get your season off to a great start then check out our Early Season Telemark Courses.

Tele Tracks Lessons in the UK Snow Centres

We have regularly featured at the UK Telemark Festivals over the last few years, offering our stock of Scott NTN equipment for test and some coaching sessions. For more details of the UK events check our UK Telemark Festivals page.

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A Tele Tracks Group Lesson
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Telemarking the Bumps
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Test Scott NTN Telemark Gear
What our Clients Say

Ben's style of teaching is both professional and fun..... I had a fantastic week and will definitely be back for more! Julie King

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