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The most revolutionary telemark lesson I've ever had... in 15 years of learning... Tom Latham

We Teach People to Telemark Ski

If you’re looking for a telemark skiing holiday or a specific telemark course, or if you’ve ever wondered how you can try telemark skiing, you’re in the right place.

We teach all levels, from members of the British team to absolute beginners, on and off-piste, and we have the latest Scott NTN telemark gear for you to learn on.

Whether you ski in the Alps in the winter, or you telemark in the UK Snow Centres, we’ve got something for you. It's tele skiing adventure and experience rolled into one.

Sound like heaven on the white stuff? Certainly is...

So if you fancy learning to telemark ski, or you’re already addicted and want to get better, check our telemark technique articles, telemark fitness tips, look at our holiday packages. Enjoy!

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Check out our latest video...

We've got plenty more, check out our telemark ski videos...

"I've had telemark lessons in the past, but this was in a different league. No more one-size fits all instruction..."Paddy O'Connor

Free Heel Skiing Fanatic?

What's going on in the telemark skiing world?

We're not only about great telemark skiing holidays and coaching - keep yourself in the free heel skiing loop with:

Telemark Technique Tips

Check out our Telemark technique articles as featured in Fall-Line Magazine...

Telemark Fitness

Check our fitness tips to get you ready to free heel ski... Telemark Fitness

Telemark Ski Equipment Reviews

Buy the right kit. We've put together a range of free heel skiing Pros who give you the lowdown on the Best Telemark Skiing Equipment, including buying tips for telemark boots, telemark skis, and free heel bindings.

Telemark Ski Courses

Check our levels, course dates and prices... Telemark Ski Courses

Telemark Ski School - About us

Find out more about us, we're more than just 'a Telemark Ski School', it's the coaches that make the difference.... Specialist British Telemark Ski School

Tele'ing the Powder in Val d'Isere's Trees...

We've got plenty more, check out our telemark ski videos...

Telemark Ambassadors

We are telemark Ambassadors for Scott Sports and we have an amazing stock of Scott New Telemark Norm (NTN) gear for you to test.

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Tele Tracks Telemark Technique Articles

Check out our telemark technique articles featured in Fall Line Magazine...
We have the Telemark 'How to' Series and the 'Drills for Specific Skills' Series.
Fall Line Magazine Covers

The Telemark 'How to' Series

How to Carve

Learn how to carve or improve your telemark carving with our article on Carving Telemark Turns

How to Telemark Couloirs

Learn how to ski couloirs or improve your couloir skiing with our article on Telemarking Couloirs

How to Telemark the Bumps

Learn how to ski bumps or improve your bumps skiing with our article on Telemark Skiing the Bumps

How to Telemark Switch

Learn to telemark switch or improve your free-heel switch skiing with our article on Telemarking Switch

How to Tele Powder in the Trees

Learn how to tele powder in the trees with our article on Telemark Skiing Powder in the Trees

How to Make a Telemark Slash Turn

Learn how to smash a telemark slash turn with our article on the Telemark Slash Turn

How to Telemark the Steeps

Learn how to ski the steeps otr improve your steep skiing with our article on Telemarking the Steeps - Coming Soon...

How to Escape the Intermediate Rut!

Learn how to escape avoid the biggest mistakes intermediate telemark skiers make Coming Soon...

'Telemark Drills for Specific Skills' Series

Telemark Carving Drill

Improve your telemark carving with the Edge Change Before Lead Change Drill...

Telemark Rails Drill

Learn how to do rails on telemark skis with the Telemarking the Rails Drill...

Free Heel Powder Drill

Improve your powder skiing with the Pink Panther for the Powder Drill...

Telemark The Steeps Drill

Improve your steep skiing with the Heels Up for the Steeps Drill...

MonoTele Drill for the Bumps

Improve your telemark skiing in the bumps with the MonTele Drill Coming soon...

Rate and Range for the Lead Change

Smooth out your lead change with the Rate and Range Lead Change Drill Coming soon...