Tele Tracks Course and Kit Test Fees

Rest assured, we are happy to provide a full refund for both course fees and test equipment in the event of holiday cancellation due to Covid-19. Book and travel with confidence.


We have worked with La Galise hotel for a number of years and our clients have always been impressed by the quality of service and warm welcome. In this light, we are not surprised by their clear and transparent refund policy for this coming winter.

La Galise Cancellation Policy

Below is a precise list of cases giving rise to a total refund:

  • Closure of borders by the French government.
  • Border closure by the government of the client’s country of origin or by a transit country - supporting documents - url of the official information page.
  • Mileage limitation for travel around your home.
  • The government of the country of origin prohibits non-essential travel - supporting documents - url of the official information page.
  • Flight cancellations due to covid-19 - supporting documents - mail or email from the airline.
  • Closure of airports / stations in France or in the country of origin - supporting documents - url of the official information page.
  • Quarantine imposed by France or by the country of origin - supporting documents - url of the official information page.
  • Customer tested positive within 14 days before arrival - supporting documents - medical certificate.
  • Requisition of certain professions related to covid-19 - supporting documents - letter from the employer.
  • In the event of a government decree requiring us to close the accommodation concerned.
  • Closure of the resort / ski lifts.
  • Closure of the accommodation following a COVID19 case. note:
  • the postal address on your accommodation reservation is valid
  • if you fall ill during your stay, the usual cancellation conditions apply.

Val d’Isere Covid-19 Policy

The whole village of Val d’Isère is now geared towards providing the most secure health and safety conditions for holidaymakers. Since August 2020 the Val d’Isère Tourist Office has been awarded an AFNOR certificate for its defensive health measures against Covid-19. Val d’Isère Tourisme can attest with confidence that the health of both its clients and staff is a priority.

AFNOR Certif Covid en aout 150x150

Ski Area

For the ski area, the summer provided the opportunity for the lift company to test and assess safety measures in real time, notably on the lifts themselves. Val d’Isère can now state that, thanks to trials during the summer ski season on the Pisaillas glacier, the whole ski area this winter will remain fully operational, with no decrease in traffic flow around the slopes. At the same time, all the necessary safety measures and social distancing linked to Covid-19 (mandatory masks in lift queues and on lifts, and anti-bacterial gel ) will be applied.

For more information check Val d’Isere’s Health Care Protocol 2020/21…

Any Queries?

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