The 4FRNT EHP - Big Mountain Ski

4FRNT has been a massive success in the States

4FRNT has been a massive success in the States and we’ve just started seeing them imported to France. The EHP has a rocker design with zero camber underfoot, the design objective was to build a ski which combined the benefits of the new reverse camber/sidecut technologies with traditional ski designs to achieve a ski which performed in all conditions from groomed runs to deep powder. The design includes contact points which are set back early at the tip and tail to allow the ski to float more in deep snow. If you’re looking to add a ski to your telemark skiing quiver, then the EHP would surely fit the bill for those deep big mountain days, if you’ve got the legs for it…

The Spec

The 4FRNT EHP is a big ski designed for Advanced-Expert skiers, it’s built in three lengths, 179cm, 186cm and 193cms all of which share a 40m turning radius. It has a Megablock core made of Ash and Beech and 4FRNT claim that the EHP has the most damp and dense composition of all their skis.

  • Size (cm) 179 186 193
  • Turning Radius (m) 40 40 40
  • Tip Width (mm) 128 129 132
  • Waist Width (mm) 116 116 122
  • Tail Width (mm) 122 123 131
  • Out and Out Big Mountain

I was really impressed with mine and bought a pair of 193’s, initially I was concerned that they were going to be too big for me but I was stunned at the skis versatility in deep snow. Personally I don’t think it’s possible to carve a powder ski, I think most people feel a rebound from the snow and confuse this for the sensation you get when carving. I was blown away by the rebound from this ski in the deep, I’ve never felt anything like it before from a powder ski.

IMG 1236

Awesome versatility in the deep

The ski could be thrown from big fast turns straight into slalom radius though trees with absolute ease, the skis’ verstility meant changing radius while maintaining flow was stunningly easy. Smear turns through the deep were also a breeze, a smear turn is basically when you rotate the skis quickly at the top of the turn then you set an edge in the second half and get some rebound. I’d never done smear turns in powder before for fear of flipping over the top but on the EHP’s the sensation was simply awesome.

Not sure about on the groomed trails though…

I’ve read that 4FRNT claim that this ski also performs on the trails. I totally disagree, taking into account the softer and deeper snow conditions in the States, maybe it’s possible over there. But if you’re looking for any sort of piste performance in Europe, leave this ski at home. I also skied it though foot deep skied out chop and I felt the ski needed some resistance (i.e. deep snow) to make it flex and perform. i would rather have a traditional camber ski in this situation. Personally I don’t think you can expect a ski of this size and shape to perform anywhere but the off-piste, but boy, in the deep snow these puppies absolutely rock!

If the EHP’s are anything to go by - I can’t wait to try any of 4FRNT’s other skis.