The Atomic Automatic - Big Mountain Ski

The Atomic Automatic - Built for the Light and Fluffy. A surefire winner for Alpine Skiers, but how does this ski translate to the demands of telemark skiing?

When you first look at the Automatic you know exactly what this ski is for. With a significant tip and tail rocker, in the tradition of a Rossi S7, and traditional camber underfoot you just can’t wait to get into the light and fluffy stuff.

Nicko powder

Without Question a Big Mountain Ski

The Automatic is without question a big mountain ski in every sense of the word as it will happily eat up terrain faster than your lungs, muscles and balls will allow. Yet it is playful, which you might expect, but also beautifully balanced underfoot which encourages you to be bold about where you stick it. This ski is stable and responsive at a number of speeds and turn shapes and will smear effortlessly when asked. An all-rounder in the powder, definitely, but not too shabby in the crud either, owing to dampening under foot, or when asked to get you back to the lift.


A Lightweight Solution to Stability

The Automatic is the result of a collaboration between pro skiers Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Dana Flahr (great names for pro skiers) and its lightness of feel comes from a traditional wood core which is then beefed up, but not weighed down, by the insertion of titanium strips directly into the top of the core. According to Atomic this delivers ‘a lightweight solution for achieving stability in the rocker zones and great pop out of the turn’ and I would agree that this is the result.

A Bold Buy for a Telemark Skier

This Big Mountain Ski would be a bold buy for a telemarker but would definitely reward you on the right day. With vibrant striking graphics this ski is playful, easy to ski and rips when required. Exactly what you want to find yourself on in a powder day or if you have just jumped out of a helicopter.

The Stats

  • Lengths: 179,186 and 193cm
  • Side Cut (186cm): 135, 108, 123,
  • Weight (pair): 4.4kg