Scott ‘The Ski’ - All Mountain Category

Ski of the Year, Fall Line 2014, Ski & Board Magazine 2015

The Perfect Telemark Ski?

Scott ‘The Ski’ won the coveted Fall Line Ski of the Year Award 2014, and the same award from Ski and Board magazine for 2015. All the testers that I met after the event raved about it. Unarguably great on alpine skis, but how would it adapt to a telemark skiing setup? I was lucky enough to test it myself in March 2013 mounted with Alpine bindings and I was immediately sure it would make an awesome telemark ski.

An exceptional does-it-all ski

I’ve been skiing it with an NTN Freeride since November 2013 and it blows me away every day, confirming my initial impression. This must be the best all-round ski for telemark skiing on the market.

How does it Perform?

It does everything - incredibly! On the piste, it performs brilliantly in short turns and long turns and it’s versatility when mixing them up is incredible. The Ski sucks you round round the corner even on ice. It feels like a Slalom ski and a GS ski but without the weight and stiffness, when you make a mistake The Ski doesn’t punish you like a race ski but it it has a similar power to it when you engage the edge.

Groundbreaking Technology

Scott have a achieved this incredible versatility and power with some genius technology. The Ski has an elliptic sandwich construction which gives it exceptional torsional strength and a 3D sidecut which allows the ski to perform well in a variety of conditions and differing arc lengths and turn shapes.

Narrow but Fat?

With a 91mm waist in the 175, it performs on piste like a much narrower ski, yet off-piste the rocker tip helps you float through the snow like a much wider ski. So it feels narrower than a 91mm on piste and fatter off-piste, that’s quite an achievement from a ski design point of view.

Great in the Moguls

Don’t be fooled by the relatively soft flex of this ski, there’s plenty of power in the tail and the softer tip helps turn initiation, somehow The Ski sticks to the snow and maintains fantastic snow-edge contact, despite the apparent soft flex. In the bumps, the rocker tip comes into its own soaking up the moguls and maintaining ski-snow contact.

If you’re looking for a one ski does it all - then look no further, The Ski rips in the bumps, carves effortlessly in various turn shapes on piste and floats through the powder and crud effortlessly. This is by far the best telemark ski I’ve ever skied on, and if you’re an Alpine skier - the same applies.

  • Lengths: 155, 165, 175, 180 and 185cm
  • Side Cut (180cm): 131, 92, 121,
  • Weight (pair): 180cm = 3.9 kg
  • Radius: (180cm) 3D 17m/ 21m/ 13m