The Scott Voodoo NTN Review

The Scott Voodoo is an improved reincarnation of the Garmont Prophet, a telemark skiing classic.

I count myself very lucky to have skied the Scott Voodoo NTN since spring 2013, having been given the first factory line prototype. I have now skied through two later versions and really enjoyed the performance of the boot.

Fantastic Performance and Comfort

For me, it has fantastic performance and comfort. In alpine turns the precision is simply excellent, of course the same goes for tele turns.

IMG 5366

Progressive Flex and Lateral Power

I love the way the shell and liner fit around the foot and shin, giving an incredibly natural and progressive flex and awesome lateral power transmission. Scott attribute this to their ‘Power Wrap’ technology which is a unique overlap system allowing the shell to closely follow the anatomy of the foot. You can feel this the moment you put the boot on, it has a very close feel. Multiple injections laterally reinforce the lower shell without impeding the natural flex of the boot. These technologies certainly work as the Voodoo easily competes in terms of performance with it’s 4 clip rivals.

The Fit

The immediate impression you get when putting on the Voodoo is one of precision, it has a low volume liner which makes you feel really close to the shell, over two-three sessions the liner moulded impressively to my foot and the boot went from slightly too small to perfect in no time. I am really impressed with the level of comfort of the low volume liner. Overall, the shell has a roomy toe box which helps prevent the telemark black toe nail, and the ‘PowerWrap’ technology helps the shell close naturally around the foot without causing pressure points. Although the tongue moves a lot when you put-on and take-off the boot, you can use this to your advantage to position the tongue in just the right place before tightening the clips.

Unique Buckle System

Scott have added a unique buckle closure system which, although a bit of a faff to begin with, I soon got used to them. The buckle system prevents the buckles coming undone, this means you can ski with the clips up but still attached, perfect for releasing tension on the chairlifts or when hiking. The shin buckles also have 3 separate positions for the latch which you can adjust using the supplied allum key, this means the Voodoo can adapt to a wide variety of calf-sizes.

Scott voodoo buckles

Ski Walk Mode

The Ski / Walk mode is easy to use although personally I’d like a bigger latch to use with gloves on. However, the range of movement is very good thanks to the ‘PowerWrap’ technology which allows a more independent movement between the cuff and lower shell.

Scott voodoo walk mode

Give them a try

If you’re in the market for a new tele boot then the Scott Voodoo is available in both NTN and 75mm formats. It’s a powerful boot that transmits lateral pressure very well and has an excellent progressive flex. Weighing in at only 1820g in a mondopoint 27.5 it’s an excellent choice if you like to hike or skin. Scott have successfully managed to develop a boot that is light yet powerful and very comfortable. That’s not an easy combination to achieve.